Situation Report

Cluster Status



The Cyclone Idai weather system caused significant damage to infrastructure in multiple locations across the central region of Mozambique. The N6 highway – a major road artery which connects Beira to the rest of the country – was cut, with large parts of the road washed away. Other roads were also blocked in multiple locations and road travel remains extremely challenging.


  • A WFP-contracted UNHAS C-295 aircraft, with a capacity of 8 tonnes can perform up to two rotations per day serving Beira and Chimoio. Two WFP chartered UNHAS Mi8 helicopters, with a capacity of 3 tonnes, are based in Beira, serving Chimoio and isolated locations around Beira.

  • The Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) is making available two C-130 aircrafts to the humanitarian community to transport relief cargo from Maputo to Beira. The Logistics Cluster will be facilitating the transport and compiling of requests.

  • The Logistics Cluster is providing temporary storage services through three 40 feet containers and 500 m2 MSU at Beira airport as a transit storage point to facilitate the loading of helicopters. Three Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) are also available for partners at the WFP warehouse in Beira with a total capacity of 1,000 m2 approximately.

  • The Logistics Cluster set up a Mobile Storage Unit (MSU) in Buzi on 1 April to provide temporary storage services to partners. Three landing crafts from the French navy are made available for partners in Buzi, with a capacity of 20 tonnes. One of the landing craft is currently being repaired.

  • A common storage space of 1,000 m2 is available for temporary use by organisations in Chimoio.

  • The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) has provided Air Cargo Handling Equipment (ACHE) to improve efficiency of operations at Beira airport.


The handling capacity at Beira airport is stretched. WFP, as global lead of the Logistics Cluster, has reached an agreement with a logistics company in Mozambique to assist with handling, loading and offloading activities at Beira airport. Partners are encouraged to share the pipeline of incoming cargo and cargo documentation with the Logistics Cluster to avoid creating bottlenecks and facilitate offloading of cargo if required.