Situation Report

Cluster Status


Vulnerable people identified by INGC


  • The Government has identified 7,422 vulnerable people – including children, people with disabilities, female-headed households and the elderly – living in IDP sites.

  • The extensive floods have heightened protection risks, particularly related to gender-based violence (GBV).

  • There is a need to ensure all those involved in the response - including humanitarian workers and government entities, including security forces – are trained on GBV prevention and prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA).

  • Gender-sensitive distribution mechanisms are to be incorporated in sectors, especially for food distribution.


  • The Protection Cluster is working closely with CCCM on monitoring protection issues in accommodation centres and is emphasizing that protection is a collective responsibility that must be embedded in all clusters.

  • PSEA guidelines have been translated into three languages; partners advised to take online training and ensure agency has a code of conduct. PSEA focal points have been established in Beira and Maputo.

  • Solar lamps will be distributed to reduce the risk of incidents in areas not accessing electricity.

  • Radio Aguia continues to conduct outreach using a motorbike mounted with a speaker and disseminating messages on cholera, malaria, GBV, HIV/AIDS prevention and hygiene promotion. Areas reached include Conhardula, Samora Macel, Mutua and Nhamaidue villages.

  • Recognizing the wide range of protection issues that are arising in the complex context of the Tropical Cyclone IDAI response, WFP has secured buy-in from the Protection Cluster to scale up the existing Complaints and Feedback Mechanism (CFM). The CFM will be rolled out in the form of a toll-free hotline as well as complaints boxes placed in accommodation centres and at food distribution points. Protection Cluster members will contribute information relevant to their speciality and support the establishment of inter-agency referral pathways, also linking to Government, and setting up a joint mechanism for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA).


Assessment of location of GBV safe space continues, which will be concluded by the end of this week.