Situation Report

Cluster Status


School-age children affected


  • As of 2 April, at least 3,344 classrooms were destroyed, according to the Government, disrupting schooling and other normal activities for more than 151,000 school-going children.

  • Many children have been displaced away from their homes and schools, and many schools are being used as collective centres for the displaced, rendering them nonfunctional for educational purposes.

  • Many students are without uniform, books, and other educational supplies, most of which were destroyed during the cyclone and floods.

  • Trauma cases among children have been reported following exposure to the cyclone events.


  • The Education Cluster continues to work with the Government in the establishment of child-friendly and temporary learning spaces.

  • Efforts are being made to accelerate the distribution of education supplies.

  • The cluster is supporting the Provincial Directorate of Education and Human Development in disinfecting and cleaning schools previously used as accommodation centers.

  • Psychosocial support materials and training will be provided to affected learners and teachers.

  • WASH interventions, including the distribution of water purification tablets and soap, will be undertaken for affected schools.


  • Psychosocial support remains a gap for both children and adults in the accommodation centres.

  • Data on the schools impacted has been difficult to gather as many affected areas remain inaccessible following the destruction of road infrastructure. Efforts are ongoing.