Latin America & the Caribbean

Situation Report


Preliminary WFP and FAO estimates suggest that more than 850,000 (9.4 per cent of the population) are affected by moderate-to-severe food insecurity, with 327,000 in need of assistance.

Critical needs include food supplies, medical attention, water, sanitation and hygiene, livelihoods, and strengthening capacity for recovery and resilience.

According to the EFSA for Honduras, more than 75 per cent of households had limited food reserves and a quarter of the population of smallholder farmers and day laborers living in the dry corridor (103,000 households) were severely and moderately food insecure. For 74 per cent of households, food comprises more than 65 per cent of their total expenses.

Eight per cent of households reported that at least one family member has migrated and more than 78 per cent of this migrant population were looking for employment opportunities due to drought and food insecurity.

If 38 per cent of households are resorting to such coping strategies, they very likely have been recurring to them for some time and assets are being exhausted.